About everything and nothing


There is a certain danger in writing an ‘about’ page, because if you are not a 100 percent sure of what you are or what your blog is about, then what you write might not stand true to what things might become later.

This blog is not about anything in particular, because a single theme cannot always dictate your life. And also because I am a very random writer. *smiles*

A rather mediocre writer, trying to better myself.

I keep shifting between roles, most of the times I am

A movie enthusiast, 30s to 90s to now

A music junkie according to urban dictionary

When the beat is right, a passable dancer

In the right mood, a bearable singer

Not reading as much as I should but an avid reader

Not writing as much as I can either, so a mediocre writer

Stung with wanderlust, a traveler

And sometimes when I feel like it, a sketcher

The collection has come to a halt but a stamp collector

Trying hard but a poor guitar learner

And a firm believer in what Bill Watterson once said-


If you are still with me, may I suggest a short story for starters.

Thanks for stopping by. Much love and well wishes 🙂

You can mail me at


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