I don’t know what it is

why my words want what we were

why we weren’t what we wanted

where we lost whatever we had

when we snapped apart

it’s all a haze of weak answers

every day a new different reason

‘we were different from each other’

‘we want different things in life’

‘we can never be husband & wife’

how we agreed to part ways

how we knew we weren’t an ‘us’

and yet we pined for each other

what we were was wits wasted

withering within with wistfulness

of what we thought we were

its been too many years now

and yet I want to hear your voice

listen to you while I try to sleep

but I don’t really know what to say

nor do you offer to help much

and we struggle to find our way

our way with words which vanish

as if we never knew the other

I don’t know what it is

why my words want what we were

but some day I will stop altogether

all my mind wants is to be there

where your memories don’t dwell

where nothing rings a bell

when clarity will reign supreme

and put me in peace with whispers

of that clear realization of wise wit

we were nothing but ill fit